–Southern Mousse Filling Co –

[ a new way to look at dessert ]


We began our Journey in 2011 in Lubbock, texas as The PIe bar. our owner and creator, carson McCabe, opened the first pie bar on 50th street with just a few of his grandmother's pie filling recipes. 45 additional recipes and 2 locations later, his dream and vision to put a different spin on dessert has taken off.

seven years later, we have rebranded our new look as the 'southern mousse filling co'. we look to expand our product and concept into other cities as well as getting our fillings into the cold dessert sections in your local grocery stores. 

our recipes and concept have not changed, just our name and vision! we hope you enjoy every visit to our stores and every carton that you grab off the shelf. it's time to look at dessert in a different way.

PIe Bar wall.JPG