pie bite.jpg

Build your own

piebite- one crust, one filling, endless toppings

double bite-two crusts, two fillings, endless toppings

cookie bite-one cookie, one filling

pie flight-six 2 ounce samples each served with one crust and one filling

pie and cheesecake slices

WE serve our award winning pie and cheesecake slices daily.

you can pile a scoop of mousse on top of your cheesecake, eat it plain, cover it with a cobbler, or make it a turtle cheesecake.

our pie slices vary daily but we keep our featured slices available year round. our death by chocolate, millionaire, and coconut cream are just a few that appear in our display daily!  

milwaukee bar top 2.jpg

our fillings

  • chocolate mousse

  • oreo

  • birthday cake

  • white chocolate mousse

  • strawberry

  • banana cream

  • peanut butter cup

  • key lime

  • lemon

  • snickers

  • dark chocolate

  • red velvet

  • twix

  • mocha

  • seasalt caramel hazelnut

  • crème brulee

  • apple cobbler

  • cherry cobbler

  • blueberry cobbler

  • peach cobbler

  • snickerdoodle

  • milky way

  • salted caramel mocha

  • s'mores


  • pumpkin

  • caramel pumpkin pecan

  • white chocolate cherry cordial

  • dark chocolate cherry cordial

  • eggnog

  • white chocolate peppermint

only available in whole pies

  • death by chocolate

  • millionaire

  • chocolate covered banana

  • all cheesecakes